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  04 Dec 2007 

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Name (2 links) Date
6444 Marilynn's Feminine Sanctuary  06/97 Marilynn Tampa FL
8749 Jailyn's Parlor 12/06 Jailyn Morgan Naples FL

Name (2 links) Date
5049 Erika's Place 08/99 Erika Morgan Florida
8963 Sabrina Cyber Palace 05/98 Sabrina Love Tampa FL

Name (3 links) Date
5165 Sierra's Show Bar 05/98 Sierra Cocoa FL
8227 Robin's World / CD in Florida 07/98 Robin Sarasota FL
9244 Amber - Hetro/Married CD 09/98 Amber Florida

Name (5 links) Date
2809 Tori's Temple of Love 10/98 Tori Tampa FL
2989 Jamie Allison's Transition Central 10/98 Jamie Allison Tabor Ormond Beach FL
3917 Sharon's Dream World 09/98 Sharon Baby Florida
4704 Las Experiencias de Ana Raquel 09/98 Ana Raquel Florida
8181 Kelli's T-Sister Homepage 11/98 Kelli Martin Florida

Name (1 links) Date
7026 Cyndie's Garden 07/00 Cyndie D Florida FL

Name (1 links) Date
2802 Miss X... 05/99 Tami Florida FL

Name (2 links) Date
4717 Ms. Laura - South Florida Playmate  07/99 Laura South Florida FL
6736 Rose Deshanero - Female Impersonator 02/00 Roseanne Orlando FL

Name (12 links) Date
Rachael Doll's Feminine Home 03/00 Rachael Doll Orlando FL
Nyiome's Feminine Home 04/00 Nyiome Orlando FL
Crystal Roberts Female Impersonator 06/00 Crystal Roberts Clearwater FL
Val's Place 06/00 Val Fort Lauderdale FL
LoriAnn's TV Home Page 10/00 LoriAnn Byrd Melbourne FL
Maria's Feminine Home 12/00 Maria Tampa FL
My Homepage 01/01 Veronika Summerfield FL
Jennifer's Pink Cloud 01/01 Jennifer Marie Ft. Myers FL
Eileen's Home Page 06/01 Eileen Rodgers Ft. Myers FL
Ladelaine's Managerie 07/01 Madelaine Florida FL
Ashley's Place 01/02 Ashley Williams Pensacola FL
Tiffany Anne's Sweet Spot 01/04 Tiffany Anne Easton Orlando FL

Name (12 links) Date
Bobbie's Second World 08/00 Bobbie Lee Orlando FL
Amber's Universe 07/01 Amber Boca Raton FL
Jessica's Homepage 09/01 Jessica Miami FL
Selena's Sanctuary 12/01 Selena Waters Seminole FL
A Southern Belle 12/05 Chryss Florida FL
I am Your Fantasy Girl 07/02 Amber Douglas Daytona Beach FL
Pleasing Panties 06/04 Marcia Madonna Saint Cloud FL
Sexy Slim Jamie Trans 08/04 Jamie T Tampa Bay FLorida
SandiMari's World of Virtual Beauty 05/05 Sandi Miami Florida FL
Missys Lingerie 09/06 Missy Williams Florida FL
Brittany Ann 07/06 Brittany Merritt Islanf FL
The Genderology Directory 06/07 Ilene Jones Orlando FL

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